Testing, Testing 1-2-3…

Welcome to Sohini.com! I don’t think the world really needs another blog, but I’m told that people *want* to hear what I have to say on a variety of subjects. When I took them up on the idea, I found myself writing longer-than-usual notes on my facebook page, which is when I decided that I probably should have a blog of my own. So here we are.

I’m probably going to write a lot on the things that I most advise clients about – website design, content strategy, social media and engagement, fundraising tactics, how to be on the Internet. So if there are questions you have on those subjects, fire away! And I will try to respond!

Thanks very much for coming to my site and reading my blog. I hope this is the start of a long and beautiful relationship, and all about words … Isn’t it all about the words? 🙂