“Floating Kites” And Other Silliness On The Backend

render bar

Are we there yet? Are we having fun yet? Has the paint dried yet, already?! (Image courtesy of Brainstuck.com)

This evening’s thought, as I work out the kinks and send out a monthly email for a client: When you edit or resize photos in picnik (the image editor in Mailchimp*), it comes up with things like “sprinkling dew” and “floating kites” and “picking blackberries” while loading/rendering.

When I’m not aggravated, that’s quite fun and adorable. When I am, I want to reach in and shutupthecute!!

Still, that must have been a fun assignment – “Come up with interesting things to accompany the loading bar so users aren’t just staring at that thing, willing it to make 100% before they have a birthday.”

*No, I do not own stock in Mailchimp or have any such ulterior motive. I just happen to use it because, well, it’s free. And when your clients have no budget, you can’t beat free with a stick.