‘Ello Ello!


What is Ello?

There’s a new social media platform in town. And it is billing itself as the anti-Facebook. Say hello to Ello.

But, I gotta say, I don’t know anyone who’s going to use Ello because they really think it’s private or won’t sell consumer data to advertisers. Do you? Because really, does anyone actually buy the idea of online privacy anymore? And is there ultimately a new way to stay profitable or keep the lights on online – for the long run – besides advertising? I’m watching the Facebook and Twitter feeds of people who’re on Ello, and I think they’re using it because they’re some combo of curious, tired of Facebook, suffering FOMO, or early adopter/marketers who feel they need to know how the new shiny object works just in case it does take off. What’s your take?

And yes, I’m on Ello and consider myself in the last category: The professional who isn’t wild about yet another platform – (which will do what that the others don’t already?) – but doesn’t want to be clueless about what might be useful.

That said, people who know me well have long since figured out that what I really prefer is conversation, in person, preferably unhurried, and over coffee. Some things don’t change.