#AmericaIsBeautiful, In Any Language

It’s really interesting to consume pop culture in the absence of TV. That’s right, we cut the cord a couple of years ago. Words I never thought would leave my mouth – for I have always loved my color teevee…..But we (the husband who treasures the “kill your television” paperweight I gave him, and the rest of us with a wifi connection) don’t seem any the more deprived for it. Kinda hard to be between YouTube, Netflix, Amazon instant video, the Internet in general. (I submit that these days, if you can’t follow along with water cooler talk, you might really be willfully living under a rock. Not judging, an observation.)

That said, it is interesting to watch the cultural conversations from a remove, and get my water cooler talking points from the next best but hypervocal and hyperfocused lens of the twitterverse or my facebook feed. This morning’s takeaway – there was a game last night! The Seahawks pounded the Broncos! Payton Manning’s face! And all of that is less important than that ad – Coke dared to put out a spot featuring “America The Beautiful” in something other than just English and now ‘Murica is mad!

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