The Latest Facebook Tweak – A Marketing Reality Check

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image via Birger King

So is the party on Facebook over? That is the question.

If you’re not a communications professional and are therefore wondering what the question is about, here’s the short version: All those various businesses and stores and brands you’ve “liked” on Facebook over the years? You’re going to be seeing less of them in your feed. In fact, you already miss a lot. Which you probably haven’t noticed because good heavens is that feed cluttered to begin with already! And that’s the point.

You think you’re getting more information than you really are because who ever looks at their facebook page and thinks, “huh, I haven’t seen anything from XYZ company lately.” You either do see an update and read it, or you don’t and never notice it. And it’s probably just a matter of time before Facebook all but disappears your “liked” pages’ updates if they can’t pay to advertise.

I see both sides of the issue. [Read more…]