RIP Steve Jobs

No end of obituaries and articles and posts on Steve Jobs this morning. And deservedly so. I’m not sure I’d have done terribly well working for someone of his temperament – I’ve yet to meet a visionary who was easy to deal with on a daily basis. But like millions, I’ve benefitted from Jobs’ vision, and the ability of those who worked with him to make that vision a beloved reality.

Of all the posts out there, this one, by Anirban, I found the most important. It points out many things that are being glossed over, or being drowned out in the coverage – that Apple wasn’t first at many things, and that it’s still a limited market. But here’s the bit that I find most important:

Today, with the Kindle, Amazon is replicating the iTunes model with the publishing industry. Steve Jobs taught us that content may be king, but distribution is the entire battlefield.


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QR Codes: Is The US At A Tipping Point?

One of my favorite movie lines is from Contact, where Jodie Foster’s character tells the derisive government suit played by James Woods why the aliens who’ve made contact don’t just say “hi!” like normal people, rather than send a message through the first television transmission of any power that went into space – that of Hitler at a Nazi rally. “Math is the only true international language,” Foster says. Snaps back, actually. “Seventy percent of the planet speaks other languages.” 

And so it is with QR codes. QR what? Exactly. That was one of many points made at a really fun presentation by Nam-Ho Park at the recent mobileUXCamp in DC. [Read more…]