Mandatory Facebook Wall Posting: No More Bricks In The Wall

If you have a Facebook page, come August, you may have no choice but to allow people to comment on your wall. That’s right, as it turns out, “1 in 5 luxury brands ban Facebook wall posts.” From experience – as a Jane Q Public as well as a social media strategist – I can add that it’s not just luxury brands but lots of other organizations, local governments, and sundry groups. And I don’t get it.

Why are you on Facebook if you’re unwilling to have or allow conversation? Yes yes, it’s great way to reach tons of people etc….but really, if you’re not going to use the medium as intended, aren’t you sort of missing the point? It’s like people who break up a long message into a 15 part tweet. Please, just use email. Or something.

Yes, I understand that opening up the Facebook page does invite spam, Internet unrulies, and people who want to push the envelope despite being told clearly what the posting policy is. To which I will say to all Facebook business page owners:

1) Have a clear posting policy*: From my point of view – and yes, as someone who creates and executes social media strategy routinely for clients, I do have an ulterior motive – this clarifies what people can and cannot post. Which means people will be less hesitant to share what does belong and can perk up conversation, involvement, and engagement – all the things that’ll make your page a thriving community on the Internet. That is a good thing for just about anyone. And hey, added bonus, if you’re clear about what doesn’t belong up on your space, you’ll be spared queries from people like me who’re looking to promote an event!

delete button2) You’re the admin: You’ll get the occasional spammer. But management always reserves the right to delete random or spammy nonsense. Be ruthless about what doesn’t belong on your page or your web presence. Your Facebook page, in particular, is a democracy of one, as is Facebook, which is why you may not have a choice in the matter of the people vs you wall. Delete delete delete.

3) You have to make the time: Yes, this means you have to actually pay attention to your Facebook page, check in and update it frequently and so forth. But if you weren’t doing this, may I gently suggest you should rethink the existence of the page entirely?


*And then she ran off to come up with a posting policy for her own page…because she realized she didn’t really have one.