Facebook Launches Donate Button For Non-Profits

Facebook just rolled out a new donate feature for non-profits. It’s not a small thing when the social media behemoth finally makes it possible for your donor to have fewer distractions between call-to-action that all important click-to-pay. And there was much rejoicing in the non-profit social media land…sort of.

One of Facebook's Mottos!

Yeah, not with the hard earned trust and dollars of donors though. (image via Mari Smith)

You get to keep 100 per cent of the proceeds. Facebook is apparently not taking a cut.


You don’t get any info about your donors. So you can’t thank them. And that’s just for starters.

It’s Facebook, the enchanting land of the ever-changing platform, where great things are made by moving fast and breaking things. Which is great for changing the communications equation, keeping your page managers on their toes, and ultimately, creating great content. But it’s not good when it comes to anything that’s connected with people’s money. What precisely will Facebook do with your donors’ information? And at what point will they take a cut?

Lest you forget, if it’s free, you are the product. Or rather, in this case, your donors’ information. (Yes people open their credit cards to Facebook for game apps. But you know what? The people my clients are cultivating may not be, make that are not on Candy Crush.)

It could be worse. It could be AmazonSmile – which has been rather disappointing for two reasons. First the “no emailing” rule. Don’t know what is up with that, but it doesn’t work for far too many organizations where email is the first means of reaching their community. Second, unlike most other Amazon features, the Smile program requires you to start from a particular link, every single time, before you make a purchase, thereby creating an unnecessary hurdle.

I understand that few things match Facebook’s virality. But I also know that fundraising is a long game. I hear my own hesitation as I read this post. And I think I’ll wait.