The New Home Office: That Which I Leave – Frequently

cups of tea

Tea (image courtesy of Naama, on MorgueFile)

Some of you have asked me if I write about something other than communications. Yes, I do. And I’ve been published more than once at The Newsroom UK. My latest post was about my brand spankin’ new home office, which starts:

I have a new home office. Lots of storage, ample room to spread out, put my feet up, ponder a sentence, and work. And yet, I share this missive with you from my favorite local coffee shop, seemingly single-handedly supporting organic chocolate producers and fancy tea makers with endless refills. Not to mention actively helping my babysitter save up for fall semester college bills.

Much as it kills me to say so, because now the secret will be out, the coffee shop in question is the wonderful Caffe Amouri. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to simply mention that in the original post. Probably because I was writing from there, hair still smoking.

Just remember, if you show up and take my unofficial spot, I’m not above vulturing so I can savor my toasted almond tea*

And why was my hair smoking? Read On…

*(iced and hand shaken in the summer, hot otherwise, pinkly delicious every time)