Social Media Strategy: You Do What, Again?

If you know me you know I’m constantly wondering and worrying about what’s around the corner.

Part of it is what I call my “itchy feet” DNA. I come from hardy expat stock and folks who took risks that are now normal but were considered borderline looney at the time. So I get this question a lot – “Can’t you just stick with what you have? A rolling stone and all that, you know!” Yes yes…but for me change and evolving is what’s normal. I will always be a communications person. But what form that’ll take changes every decade. Call me a slowly rolling stone.

The Today Show, 1994

The Today Show, 1994, when people were still trying to figure out what the @ was.

Another part of the worrying though, has always been my gut instinct and ever-present feeling that a big chunk of what I do at the moment, the social media strategy, is really not that hard. As in, when clients ask what I can do for them and why they should pay me, my stock response is, “A monkey could do what I do. It’s just that I already know how, and you have the money but not the time. The longer you wait, the more there is to do. It’s a question of your time and my efficiency.”

Exhibit A, some of the social media campaign consulting work I do. It really isn’t hard. It’s just good, solid, sometimes tedious, and no-short-cuts research and execution that reaps big dividends.

If you’re a client, I’ve shared all this with you on the record. Specifically, I believe my words have been, “You shouldn’t need me in two to five years. Because by then social media strategy will be what email is today – something everyone does, and that no one puts on their resume. Remember what email was like when it first started? Think anyone runs seminars today on how to incorporate email into your business strategy? Exactly. Social media strategy will be that normal too.”

Guess what? Penelope Trunk thinks so too. Yes, that Penelope Trunk, of Brazen Careerist/Brazen U! Her company is offering an Executive Social Media Bootcamp.)

On the one hand, it’s thrilling and utterly validating to hear – before 8 a.m. – that I have a thought that makes sense to a trailblazer. Hey, maybe I have other smart thoughts, and I’ll be the next Penelope Trunk!

Then when the tea kicks in….all the more reason I gotta find out what the hell I’m going to be when I grow up. Again. I’m gonna need way more tea, people.

Last but not least: Yes, I run a workshop too, the “Sohini Says Social Media 101” – the difference is it’s …

  • face-to-face
  • tailored to your industry (which means I may well do the research and return your deposit if I think social media is – gasp! – unsuited to your situation*)
  • roughly 3 to 6 hours
  • and I can and have started at the very beginning, for clients who have finally heard about twitter and facebook pages, but have no idea what’s next

And because I am not famous, I’ll cost you less than Brazen U.

None of which is to say that I am not signing up for Brazen U’s boot camp right away.

(*Yes, it’s possible. I’m a heretic and firmly believe that part of my job is to also rain on your parade if necessary and firmly tell you if you really don’t need the latest shiny object on the market. A whole other post.)