“Software Bug” is the new “Dog ate my homework.”

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They eventually grow up, no?

On the heels of my weekend ramblation about content and privacy comes this piece in the NYT about digital content in the college classroom.

Bottom line, your professor can now tell if you’ve done your reading.

Really? I can’t help but think this an awful development.

Yes, this is going to be very valuable for textbook authors and teachers who think they’re more interesting than they’ve been led to believe. And if the entire class never looks at chapter 3, that’s probably telling.

But honestly, the bigger point is this – it’s not the professor’s job to check on you in college. It’s your job as a student to figure out who you are, set your own goals, do your own work, and oh yeah, be on top of your reading. And good educators – whether they’re teaching in person or online – probably communicate and check in with students, and don’t need analytics to tell them when a chapter, or a whole class, is falling flat.

Then again, I didn’t go to college understanding I was watched all the time because I’m older than dirt in Internet years. So what do I know?