Pinterest And Napster

Pinterest and Napster – two words I absolutely do not want to hear in the same breath!

I was introduced to Pinterest last summer and promptly got sucked in. But there have been plenty of issues with the newest social media darling. Not the least of which are pesky copyright issues. Perhaps that’s why they’ve yet to figure out things like admin privileges – a la Facebook Pages – because I’m starting to get the question from clients and colleagues: “Should I have a Pinterest page?” To which I usually say, “Let’s figure out how to protect the visual content from copyright issues first.”

There are some basics on how to play it safe on Pinterest:

  • Always give credit – at the original source.
  • If someone doesn’t want to be pinned, respect that!
  • Check out the terms of the website – they may not have “no pin” code worked in, but if their terms clearly say that you’re not to use their images unless under certain conditions, or perhaps not at all, that’s all the warning you get.
  • Watermarking your own original content. It is the only assurance you have that your content will be shared but with credit to you.
Vidya Balan wearing Sabyasachi from High Heel Confidential

Vidya Balan wearing Sabyasachi - watermarked from High Heel Confidential, a favorite Bollywood/fashion blog

Needless to say, the Pinterest peace starts with me. So I’m off to go and de-pin a bunch of beautiful things of my own boards. Because I’ve no idea where the originals came from. Then I will be spending the afternoon¬†learning how to watermark everything, not just for me but for clients as well. After which,¬†I’m going to enjoy Pinterest and keep exploring the world in pictures until I’m forced to shut it down. Which I fervently hope doesn’t happen.

Dear sweet Pinterest, please please please clean up your act so you don’t get Napstered!