Welcome to Sohini.com

You need an online presence! But what do you need exactly? A full out website? What kind, and with what level of functionality? Or maybe you’re unhappy with the site you have and need to start over. There’s also social media strategy to consider. Do you actually need that facebook page? Or a dedicated YouTube channel? Would you just be better off with a twitter feed? Then there’s fundraising and business development, which are intrinsically tied to marketing and communications. And finally there’s content, an overlooked constant of the web, regardless of which incarnation your site is living. Every site needs good content. Is yours serving you well?

So many questions! How and where do you start?

If you need help figuring out the 24/7 online communications world, look no further. I can help you negotiate media better.

I’m a communications professional with roots in the non-profit and advocacy world, and experience with a variety of for-profit companies, start-ups, and small businesses. I would love to help you. And I invite you to look through my site and contact me.

Thank you very much for coming to my site, I look forward to hearing from you!